My Cup of Tea

When I was younger I’m not fond of drinking tea, it’s not that I don’t like it, I thought before that drinking tea is only used as a cure for a stomachache. That’s why I was wondering why my grandfather loves drinking tea. The first thing he would do every time he arrives is to make a cup of tea. So, I just thought that maybe he loves drinking tea because he’s a Chinese (not sure though).

As I get older drinking tea (we called it “cha”) is not bad at all. Now, I drink it even without a stomachache as I was used to do. Before I would only drink tea only if it is sweetened by sugar to get rid of the bitter taste, but now I can drink it without sugar.

Luckily, my brother brought a green tea plant, so, I’m no longer dependent on bag or dried teas. I can now make my own fresh green tea. I also made my own ice tea beverage made from green tea leaves, that I can be sure that is fresh and chemical free, rather than buying bottled ice tea or powdered ice tea juice.

Here’s how:

Green Tea Leaves
Honey or Sugar
Lemon (or any citrus)

  1. Boil green tea leaves for 2-3 minutes.
  2. Strain to separate green tea leaves from its water.
  3. Add honey to sweetened
  4. You can add lemon or any citrus available to enhance the flavor.
Loving my cup of tea, literally!




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