Welcome 2014

Nearly hours left and we enter year 2014. I was thinking how time flies. Honestly 20th century is fun because of the internet but I still missed the 80s. So many nice childhood memories even though at that time we only have a black and white TV and there's only 1 to 2 channels available.Almost same movies shown everyday. I remember watching Grease staring John Travolta and Olivia Newton John. But mostly I love watching Jacky Chan's movie every afternoon. I'm so happy that even at a short period of time I can say that I've been part of 80's even if means that I'm old :).

Anyway as for 2014 there will be no New Year's resolution. I never believed in having a new year resolution. What's the point of having a resolution and not keeping it?

Since I was a kid I really don't like staying awake during New Year's Eve, I'd rather have a nice sleep and wake up on a different year.

HAPPY 2014 everyone. 



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