Dozing Off While Reading

It’s hard to admit that I have a bad reading habit. I usually dozed off after reading few pages.  A bad habit I know but what can I do? I can’t keep my eyes open, and it feels like I haven't sleep for a long time even if I just woke up. I can’t help my sleep but to sleep. 

Then I discovered the wonders of audio books but the satisfaction you get is different from reading. But I must say that audio books are my best friend. Although I know that eliminating my horrible reading habit takes a lot of determination, consistency and hard work and I am willing to challenge and better myself. I just have to appreciate the fact that I was given a pair of good eyes and ability to read so I must not take this for granted.

So, I've decided that I need to challenge myself and eliminate this bad reading habit.

So, to start with I must finish Neil Gaiman’s Stardust. I've seen the movie and I’m in love with it. Let’s see if I’ll love the novel as well.



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