The Hunger Games Triology

After watching the Hunger Games movie I decided to finally read the novel. I was so intrigue with the story that I finished the whole novel series in a week, that's a big improvement on my part for I was not fun of reading (I made a promise to myself to try and change it, good luck with that). 
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I must say Katniss is acting like a slut for kissing both Peeta and Gale (nah, she’s just a confused teenager). I never thought that Prim would die in the end but at least she had Peeta at her side (what a lucky girl!) Over all, hands down to Peete Mellart for his undying love and devotion to Katniss, but I still can’t believe that Peeta had a crush on Katniss on such a young age of 5 years old! It’s way too young to have a crush. Kids at that age usually think of candies and toys. When I was at that age I don't know what crush is, all I know is that I want to play yoyo.  Anyway, still love Peeta Mellark!

I must say not the best story but I was truly entertained. Now, I’m a FAN!  I also like the movie adaptation. Jennifer Lawrence suited Katniss Everdeen’s character and also Josh Hutcherson for playing Peeta Mellart. Now I’m really excited for the movie sequel Catching Fire. 



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